Everyone loves to explore a good cafe, be it in your neighborhood or part of adventures in far flung corners of the earth? We are a community-sourced Cafe listing site dedicated to help you find cafes nearby.

Cafe.net contains an ever-growing list of (duh?) cafes that are painstakingly compiled by hand for best quality and information accuracy. We do not use search bots or any other AI-driven algorithms to scrap other websites, but rather engage individuals just like you and me to contribute to this growing list. In fact, you can even contribute towards adding a listing right away if you see your favorite cafe missing from our list.

Our ultimate goal is to build a useful reference so that no matter where in the world your travels take you, there is always an opportunity to find new hunts nearby and through the experience learn more about the local culture, food, and people whom you interact with (safely of course).

Thank you


Author: cafedotnet

Hi, I operate Cafe.net and am the one who manually approves all of your listing submissions 😉